About The Old Button

The Old Button crafts (Yr Hen Botwm in Welsh) is inspired by a box of old buttons my grandmother gave me when I started making my own clothes as a child. 

I still have this box and keep it well stocked with buttons salvaged from old clothes and the occasional modern quirky design that catches my eye.

I make an eclectic mix of hand crafted items for children and the home, combining two of my passions - creating new designs and different sewing techniques.

I like to use both new and recycled fabrics including 100% cotton, felt, silk and linen mixtures together with scraps from my ever expanding hamper of interesting fabrics that is constantly topped up by my friends and family. And of course, I try and incorporate a button or two into each item I make.

One of the first items I made for sale were my children's reversible aprons which I sold at my children's primary school fete. The kids love them because they have two different fun looks and the mums love them because if one side gets a bit dirty, you just turn it around. I still have lots of repeat customers through the school - mums were telling me they used them as big girl/boy bibs at mealtimes as well as for cooking or crafts.
Since then I designed and made all sorts of things cushions, bags, draught excluders, bunting, Christmas stockings, pencil rolls, wall hangings and more recently quilts. 

For the future - well, I'll keep on coming up with fresh themes for my old favorites as well as coming up with new ideas - I'm currently designing some funky wall height or growth charts.  And of course every winter I start making costumes for a local performing arts school so I'm always busy. 

Everything I make is a one off - I never make two items exactly the same. I also love including customers ideas into my designs, so whether you are looking for a ready to ship gift or to commission an unique item handmade just for you, why not take a look at one of The Old Button on-line shops.

You can contact me through the messaging system on any of these shops, blog comments or through Facebook or Twitter. I'd love you to pop over and say hello.

I've also just started contributing to a craft design blog - Get Crafty with Creative Connections - why not pop over and see what I or the other design team members are up to, or take part in the monthly design challenge.

Sharon - The Old Button


  1. Your playmats and aprons are great, such a good idea and beautifully made.


  2. Thanks Madeline, I do have fun with the playmats.

  3. Hello, iv'e been looking at your wonderful scaramouche costume and wondered if you still make them since i'm currently playing the role in theatre, could you email me details please about prices etc? amybarnes1@hotmail.co.uk

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  5. Hi Amy - thanks so much for reading and commenting. I'm sorry but I don't make costumes for sale - just for the local performing groups I'm linked with. Although I do hire out or sell on costumes we have finished with, unfortunately Scaramouche's costume has been sold. I write about how I designed them in my blog to help people get ideas for their own costumes and I will be more than happy to give you more details - there was very little sewing for Scaramouche, mostly putting things together. Best of luck with your show.